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By Karl-Johan Hasselström, Global Consulting Director at Universum

It’s not just about being number one. Working with employer branding involves more than just your position in a ranking. Ultimately, all companies need and should understand and analyze their position in the employer branding funnel (see illustration): 1) Does the target group know us? 2) Would they consider working for us? Do they see us as being an ideal employer? 4) Would they apply? And finally would they accept an offer? The funnel approach is the key to being a master employer brander. It requires making decisions based on facts, to decide: what to say and where to say it.

recruitment funnel

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The Most Sought After Competencies in New Hires

Team work, team work, team work…according to this week’s quick poll, over one-fifth think it’s the most important competence of a new hire.

Having the skill means that you should know how to cooperate on projects with your co-workers, coordinate efforts, interact positively, and find ways to act together to meet business objectives. Surprisingly enough, it’s easier said than done.

Remember, if you don’t work as a team, it’ll be difficult to achieve those goals – makes sense, doesn’t it?  So team work must come first before the second option “achievement orientation”, which was chosen by 18% of voters.

Lastly, as great business ideas have and always will come from people, being able to attract the talent that will  generate your next biggest breakthrough is definitely something worth focusing on.  Naturally then, 17% of recruiters would judge the new hire’s  ability  to think  creatively and be innovative.


The top 3 most sought after competencies in new hires:


  1.  Team Work (21%)
  2. Achievement Orientation (18%)
  3. Creativity and innovation (17%)

The Most Sought After Competencies

Internships impact recruitment success and your employer image

To maximize the benefits, it is critical to continuously evaluate and improve the internship experience at your company. Internship programmes provide three main benefits:

1. Deeper evaluation of potential future employees, ensuring proper cultural fit of candidates to your organization Read the rest of this entry »

Top 3 Desired Attributes in New Hires

What are the top 3 most important personal qualities sought after in a new hire?

In terms of cultural fit, the personality type you are looking for in a new hire is extremely important, it will determine whether they’ll stay or leave your organization. What personality attributes count within your organization? Is it Authenticity, Confidence, Conscientiousness…or something else?  According to our weekly quick poll, most seek out new hires that have a professional attitude (22 %), followed by intellectual curiosity (21%) and finally high energy levels (19%). The question remains: what does a professional attitude mean? If anyone wants to contribute with a definition, please feel free to do so.


Most desired personality attributes - infrographic

Six Tips to Sell Your Job Description to Millennials

Last week Jennifer Anne King, Software Advice HR Analyst, wrote a blog post about “Six Ways to Sell a Millennial With Your Job Description.”

Here’s a short excerpt from her post:

While some managers and recruiters are fed up with some of the stereotypical behaviours of Generation Y, this group is predicted to make up nearly 75% of the world’s workforce by 2025, according to the Business and Professional Women’s Foundation. The best of them will be in high demand, and companies can start using the job description to court them.

6 key messages to attract Gen Y

In her blog post, Jennifer writes about six ways employers should tweak job descriptions to attract talented Gen Y,  by telling them:

1. Why they should want to work for you.
2. Why the position matters to the company.
3. About what the job could do for them.
4. About your creative benefits.
5. About your vision for the position.
6. Your company story, quickly.

Read the full post on her HR blog: http://blog.softwareadvice.com/articles/hr/millennial-with-your-job-description-041712/

Best of the buzz – week 2

best of the buzzWe introduce a new section every week of the most read articles from the Daily Buzz called “Best of the Buzz”. Here are the top 5:

1. 6 competencies for a successful HR professional

According to “the largest global study ever on human resource professionals” there are 6 competencies you must have to become a successful HR professional. Read more to find out how to become one, and how to build an effective HR department.
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2. Recruitment in 2012

Over the past years, the way we think about work and recruitment has changed. Gone are the days when everyone was a regular employee, working all hours from the office and wanted the job that paid the most. Two of the reasons are of course the turbulent economy and new technical tools.
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3. IKEA got thousands of applicants without spending money on media

In Australia, IKEA has been running a recruitment campaign, from which they got over 4000 quality applicants, without spending a dollar on media. By using their own specific channels and tone of voice, they successfully hired almost 300 staff to a new department store.
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4. How to recruit passive candidates

The best candidates are often the passive ones, and the process of recruiting them is completely different from how to recruit active job seekers. Does your company have a strategy for how to attract and hire the passive candidates?
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5. HR 2012 forecasts

What are your predictions for 2012? “More Social, More Data, More Job Boards, More Acquisitions…” says John Sumser in HR Examiner. He presents 13 hot topics and explains how they will affect you this year.
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How many of your workforce would you hire again?

HRZoneBy Roger Philby, founder and chief executive of The Chemistry Group in Recruitment

Article was first published on HRZone

A couple of years ago, we asked a number of FTSE 250 HR directors the question: “Given the option, would you rehire your workforce or would you start again?”

While the response to the survey wasn’t huge, it was sufficient to draw a few conclusions – not least because a huge 68% of respondents said they would choose not to take on their existing personnel again.

But I wasn’t as shocked by this finding as you might think. Once upon a time, I asked a chief executive client which members of his sales force he would hire again based on what he knew now. In addition, I said that, if he could name more than 25 out of 100 of them, I would give him an eye-watering discount. He got as far as 17. Read the rest of this entry »

The need to focus on retention

by Joao Araujo

According to Wikipedia, “an organization is a social group which distributes tasks for collective goal”. With time companies build teams, establish processes, develop routines and, if all works well, create differentiated knowledge / products / services that are attractive to its target. It becomes a well-oiled machine, producing value to all stakeholders.

But anyone who has worked in one of these well-oiled machines knows how painful it is when you realize that someone is about to or has just resigned. In a split second, knowledge, routines and personal relations are gone or get damaged. The “well-oiled machine”, running with a missing or underperforming element, quickly loses part of its effectiveness and its charm. It will be a temporary situation, but to recruit new people, rebuild relations and improve the knowledge is costly and time-consuming.

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