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By Sandy Jones*

Employers may feel overwhelmed by the response they receive for open positions as unemployment remains high and competition for jobs is at a peak, but the sheer number of applicants does not make it easier to find the best talent. In fact, dealing with an influx of resumes often makes the process of weeding out the weak candidates and choosing those that will excel in the company even more difficult.

Once an employer does find the ideal candidate, keeping employees motivated and productive can be a challenge. Employers that are wondering how to pick the right candidates and keep them motivated in the long term should read on for some valuable tips.

Choosing the Best

Perdue University suggests that employers complete an initial screening through the use of an application for employment. Qualities to look for on this application include promotions within past companies, long periods of time spent with one employer, few gaps in employment and an ability to provide verifiable, understandable reasons for leaving past employers.

Finding employees that can demonstrate a verifiable work history with skills relevant to the position is ideal. However, keep in mind that simply having experience and skills does not necessarily make a candidate the right choice. Candidates must be able to show employers that they are eager to work for the particular company and feel that they would be able to contribute to the company while benefiting from the work as well. This is the perfect recipe for an employee that is motivated and productive in the long term.

Encouraging Employees to Stay Motivated

Monetary compensation is the simplest way to motivate employees to reach goals in the workplace. Deloitte Global Services notes that monetary bonuses and promotions based on goal achievement are both strong motivators for employees. It is important to keep in mind that the company should establish a cap for bonuses. This cap should be calculated according to the financial benefit the company would enjoy in relation to the dollar amount of an employee’s bonus.

Nolo acknowledges that financial compensation isn’t the only way to keep employees motivated. Motivation is often encouraged by fostering an environment in which communication is open and employees are regularly reminded of their value. Take the time to show appreciation for a job well done, and keep criticism constructive when it is warranted rather than coming across as accusatory.

A Unique Approach to Increasing Employee Productivity

While the motivation efforts outlined above are great for keeping employees on track, Corporate Wellness Magazine points out that employee health can have a significant impact on office productivity.

How can an employer make sure that employees take care of themselves so that they can give it their all at work? Introducing a program that encourages employees to stay healthy is one way to cut down on overall health care benefit costs and the number of sick days that employees require. Employees can be encouraged to improve health and increase productivity through programs that reward them for making an effort to be more healthy. For example, employees who achieve certain health goals like visiting the doctor for an annual checkup or enrolling in a wellness awareness program may be rewarded with a reduced health care benefit payment.

Final Thoughts on Maximizing Employee Performance

Productive employees that maintain motivation over the long term are essential to the ongoing profitability of a company. Employers should use the tips listed above to choose the right employees, encourage continued motivation and make sure employees are able to be productive by keeping them happy and healthy.

*Sandy Jones enjoys traveling and reading. She’s currently working on her dream to write a novel. In the meantime, she writes part-time for a business credit cards website.

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